Get a list of MonitorHashes detected by an engine

In some cases your user may have access to analyses of more than one engine, in this case you can provide a filter query with one engine name. To retrieve your preconfigured engine names you need to access the preferences/monitor_partner/engines property calling /groups/{group_id}, in case you do not know your monitor_partner group_id, it can be obtained from privileges/monitor-partner/inherited_from property calling /users/{your_user_id}.

To display the latest hash analyses for a specific engine use the filter parameter with the modifier:

  • engine: (String: )

To display ignored hashes (detection confirmed ones /hashes/{sha256}/comments):

  • tag:ignored

Here you can see an example:

import requests

session = requests.Session()
session.headers = {'X-Apikey': '<api-key>'}

url = ""
querystring = {"filter": "engine:<engine-name>"}

response = session.get(url, params=querystring)
 "data": [
   "attributes": {
    "last_analysis_date": 1517433370,
    "last_analysis_results": {
     "[ENGINE-NAME]": {
      "category": "undetected",
      "engine_name": "[ENGINE-NAME]",
      "engine_update": "20180131",
      "engine_version": "",
      "method": "blacklist",
      "result": null
    "last_detections_count": 1,
    "md5": "432fb4158186f0c8268813741939239a",
    "sha1": "6d06bba4f7625409e8a2f7e201c38b1b5925609a",
    "sha256": "29037cca6156dbf44a80a0c785f2b9d5c205cecd3bf7b044d99b462149bc5ae8",
    "size": 16384
   "id": "29037cca6156dbf44a80a0c785f2b9d5c205cecd3bf7b044d99b462149bc5ae8",
   "type": "monitor_hash"
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