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Fighting malware takes close collaboration. All actors involved in end-user security must work together and with determination to counteract today's overwhelming malware production rate, the growing problem of false positives and the everlasting threat of false negatives.

Joining the community entitles you to a VirusTotal public API key so you can write simple scripts to automate VirusTotal scans and lookups.

VirusTotal community lets you rate and place comments on files and websites. Comments can be of any nature: disinfection instructions, in-the-wild locations, reverse engineering reports, etc. Even when security products fail, VirusTotal community members may still produce useful comments for their peers.

Community member comments and votes create a reputation score to gauge the usefulness and accuracy of community-generated information.

Community accounts are also the vehicle to access private VirusTotal services such as VirusTotal Intelligence. One account is all you need.

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