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Introduction to VirusTotal Connectors: Enhancing IoC Reports with Enrichment Data

We have introduced a powerful feature to augment the threat intelligence capabilities of its users – VirusTotal Connectors. In this documentation, we will explore the fundamental aspects of VirusTotal Connectors, including how they enable users to enrich their IoC (Indicators of Compromise) reports with valuable supplementary information.

What Are VirusTotal Connectors?

VirusTotal Connectors are integration modules designed to seamlessly link VirusTotal with various security vendors and external threat intelligence sources. These connectors empower users to enhance their IoC reports with real-time data, enabling a more comprehensive and informed analysis of potential threats.

Group-Wide Enrichment

One of the key advantages of VirusTotal Connectors is their group-wide impact. Once a connector is added by a user, the enriched information it provides becomes accessible to all members of the user's group. This collaborative approach ensures that the entire team benefits from the integration.

Official Support by VirusTotal

Connectors are officially supported by VirusTotal. This means that users can trust in the reliability, security, and compatibility of these integrations. Whether you are an experienced security professional or new to the world of threat analysis, VirusTotal Connectors provide a user-friendly and robust solution for bolstering your cybersecurity efforts.

Choice of Security Vendors

Users have the flexibility to choose from a list of trusted security vendors to add connectors to their group. This selection allows organizations to tailor their threat intelligence strategy by integrating the sources that align with their specific security needs and priorities.

In the following sections, we will delve into the practical aspects of using VirusTotal Connectors, from configuration and management to the tangible benefits they offer in terms of enriched IoC reports. Discover how these connectors can elevate your threat intelligence capabilities and contribute to a more secure digital environment.

Available connectors

Mandiant Advantage - Threat Intelligence
Incorporate Mandiant attribution context into VirusTotal

Enrich VirusTotal IoC reports with any MISP events that contain them

Understand whether a given VirusTotal IoC has been seen in your environment

If you are a customer looking to connect one of your threat intelligence sources or an industry player seeking support for your solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.