Crowdsourced YARA Rules

If a sample matched any of our open source community YARA rules , you will see the following section on the file report:

Crowdsourced Yara report

  1. Rule name.
  2. Author of the Ruleset.
  3. Ruleset name.
  4. Github link.
  5. Rule description.
  6. You can click to view the Ruleset.
  7. You can use VirusTotal Intelligence to search for other matches of the same rule.

Crowdsourced Yara details

  1. If you scroll through the Ruleset this link will return the cursor back to the matched rule.
  2. Copy the Ruleset to the clipboard.
  3. Import the Ruleset to Livehunt.
  4. Import the Ruleset to Retrohunt.
  5. The matched rule is highlighted.