information about Microsoft Advanced Streaming/Systems Format (ASF) files.

asf_info shows information about Microsoft ASF files (.asf, .wma, .wmv).

  • content_encryption_object: information about how the file has been encrypted.
    • key_id: key ID used.
    • license_url: url of the license of the file.
    • protection_type: type of protection used (i.e. "DRM").
    • secret_data: bytes containing secret data.
  • extended_content_encryption_object: more information about how the file has been encrypted.
    • CHECKSUM: data checksum.
    • KID: key ID used.
    • EncodeType: type of encoding.
    • LAINFO: license agreement info.
    • DRMHeader: header of the DRM used.
  • script_command_objects: scripts used in the file.
    • action: action to be performed (i.e. a URL).
    • type: type of action (i.e. URL, FILENAME, EVENT).
    • trigger_time: script activation time.



This field is deprecated, only kept in old files. No recently scanned files will contain this information.

  "data": {
    "attributes" : {
      "asf_info": {
        "content_encryption_object": {"key_id": "<string>",
                                      "license_url": "<string>",
                                      "protection_type": "<string>",
                                      "secret_data": "<string>"},
        "extended_content_encryption_object": {"CHECKSUM": "<string>",
                                               "DRMHeader": "<string>",
                                               "EncodeType": "<string>",
                                               "KID": "<string>",
        "script_command_objects": [{"action": "<string>",
                                    "trigger_time": <int>,
                                    "type":"URL"}, ... ]}