information about Debian packages.

deb_info gives information about Debian packages.

  • changelog: <dictionary> information about changes in the packaged version of a project. More info.
    • Author: <string> author name.
    • Date: <string> build/last edited date in %a, %d %b %Y %H:%M%S %z format.
    • Debian revision: <string> system revision.
    • Debian version: <string> system version.
    • Distributions: <string> contains the (space-separated) name(s) of the distribuition(s) where this version of the package should be installed. More info.
    • Full version: <string> full system version.
    • Package: <string> package type.
    • Urgency: <string> description of how important it is to upgrade to this version from previous ones. Possible values are "low", "medium", "high", "emergency" or "critical". More info.
    • Version history: <string> system version history.
  • control_metadata: <dictionary> package metadata information. Fields may change from package to package, all values are strings, but some common fields are (more fields listed in the debian docs):
    • Maintainer: <string> maintainer identifier.
    • Description: <string> package description.
    • Package: <string> package name.
    • Depends: <string> package dependencies.
    • Version: <string> package version.
    • Architecture: <string> architecture for running this software (ie. "i386").
  • control_scripts: <dictionary> scripts to run in package management operations.
    • postinst: <string> script to run after installation.
    • postrm: <string> script to run after removal.
    • preinst: <string> script to run before installation.
    • prerm: <string> script to run before removal.
  • structural_metadata: <dictionary> package structure information:
    • contained_files: <integer> number of files inside the package.
    • contained_items: <integer> number of files and directories inside the package.
    • max_date: <string> oldest child file modification date in %Y-%m-%d %H:%M%S format.
    • min_date: <string> most recent child file modification date in %Y-%m-%d %H:%M%S format.
  "data": {
    "attributes" : {
      "deb_info": {
        "changelog": {
          	"Author": "<string>",
            "Date": "<string:%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M%S %z>",
            "Debian revision": "<string>",
            "Debian version": "<string>",
            "Distributions": "<string>",
            "Full version": "<string>",
            "Package": "<string>",
            "Urgency": "<string>",
            "Version history": "<string>"
        "control_metadata": {
            "<string>": "<string>", ...
        "control_scripts": {
            "postinst": "<string>",
            "postrm": "<string>",
            "preinst": "<string>",
            "prerm": "<string>"
        "structural_metadata": {
            "contained_files": <int>,
            "contained_items": <int>,
            "max_date": "<string:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M%S>",
            "min_date": "<string:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M%S>"
    "data": {
        "attributes": {
            "deb_info": {
                "changelog": {
                    "Author": "Blablabla <[email protected]>",
                    "Date": "Fri, 15 May 2020 17:25:05 -0700",
                    "Debian revision": "2",
                    "Debian version": "2",
                    "Distributions": "whatever",
                    "Full version": "1.2.13-2",
                    "Package": "blabla-desktop",
                    "Urgency": "medium",
                    "Version history": "1.2.13-2, 1.2.13-1, 1.2.12-1, 1.2.11-2, 1.2.11-1"
                "control_metadata": {
                    "Architecture": "amd64",
                	"Conflicts": "containerd, runc",
                    "Depends": "libc6 (>= 2.14), libnotify4, libappindicator1, libxtst6, libnss3, libasound2, libxss1",
                    "Description": "\n  Blablabla desktop",
                    "Homepage": "",
                    "Installed-Size": "325997",
                    "License": "GPL-3.0",
                    "Maintainer": "Blablabla <[email protected]>",
                    "Package": "blabla-desktop",
                    "Priority": "extra",
                    "Provides": "blabla, runc",
                    "Replaces": "blabla, runc",
                    "Section": "default",
                    "Vendor": "Blablabla <[email protected]>",
                    "Version": "1.34.1"
                "control_scripts": {
                    "postinst": "#!/bin/bash\n\n# Link to the binary\nln -sf '/opt/blabla/blabla-desktop' '/usr/bin/blabla-desktop'\n\nupdate-mime-database /usr/share/mime || true\nupdate-desktop-database /usr/share/applications || true\n",
                    "postrm": "#!/bin/bash\n\n# Delete the link to the binary\nrm -f '/usr/bin/blabla-desktop'\n",
                  	"preinst": "#!/bin/bash\n# $Id: preinst 127855 2019-01-01 01:45:53Z bird $\n## @file\n# Blabla pre-install.\n#\n\n#\n# Copyright (C) 2006-2019 Blabla Systems\n",
                  	"prerm": "#!/bin/sh\nset -e\n# Automatically added by dh_systemd_start/11.1.6ubuntu2\nif [ -d /run/systemd/system ] && [ \"$1\" = remove ]; then\n\tdeb-systemd-invoke stop 'blabla.service' >/dev/null || true\nfi\n# End automatically added section\n"
                "structural_metadata": {
                    "contained_files": 968,
                    "contained_items": 1160,
                    "max_date": "2020-05-16 00:25:05",
                    "min_date": "2020-05-16 00:08:35"